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Jacob Hoobler II

Children's Born Name in bold type.

    Jacob Hoobler II was born September 16, 1805 in Toboyne Twp, Cumberland County, Pennsylvania. He died November 8, 1894 in Kaw Twp, Wabaunsee County, Kansas. He was buried November 11, 1894 in Phillips Cemetery, Manville, Illinois. Jacob married Mary Dice daughter of Frederick Dice and Susanna Christina Reed February 19, 1829 in Veedersburg, Fountain, Indiana. Mary was born February 13, 1807 in Rockbridge, Virginia. She died March 11, 1893 in Willcox, Trego County, Kansas. She was buried March 13, 1893 in Phillips Cemetery, Manville, Illinois.

They had the following children:

John D Hoobler was born January 10, 1830 in Veedersburg, Fountain County, Indiana. He died in 1905 in Manville, IL. He was buried in Phillips Cemetery, Manville, IL. John married Louvica H. Lundy December 23, 1852 in Newton Township, Livingston County, Illinois. Louvica was born May 15, 1834 in Livingston County, Illinois. She died May 2, 1870 in Newton Township, Livingston County, Illinois.

William Hoobler was born September 28, 1831 in Veedersburg, Indiana. He died April 1, 1896 in Willcox, KS. He was buried in Wakeeny Cemetery, Kansas. William married Hannah J. Andrews August 23, 1855 in Riverton, Illinois. Hannah was born June 24, 1835 in Massachusetts.

Mary Hoobler was born June 28, 1833 in Veedersburg, Indiana. She died April 12, 1917 in Baldwin, KS. She was buried in Greenwood Cemetery, Kaw Township, Kansas. Mary married Russel Anderson June 14, 1850 in Fountain, Indiana. Russel was born March 3, 1822. He died April 25, 1899.

Margaret Jane Hoobler was born June 5, 1835 in Cain Township, Fountain, Indiana. She died November 29, 1900 in Livingston, Illinois. She was buried in Phillips Cemetery, Manville, Illinois.

Eliza Hoobler was born in 1840 in Fountain, Indiana. She died in 1862.

Franklin Hoobler was born February 7, 1842 in Van Buren Township, Fountain, Indiana. He died April 8, 1863 in Bucks Lodge, Texas. He was buried in Manville, Phillips Cemetery, Illinois.

Jacob Hoobler III was born November 21, 1847 in Van Buren, Fountain, Indiana. He died February 11, 1937 in Canadian, Hemphill, Texas. He was buried February 14, 1937 in Moulton Cemetery, Loup, Nebraska. Jacob married Margaret Elmira Smith daughter of John Smith Jr. and Mary Ann Lundy September 3, 1867 in Smithdale, Illinois. Margaret was born November 10, 1848 in Smithdale, Illinois. She died October 27, 1910 in Dry Valley, Nebraska. She was buried October 30, 1910 in Moulton Cemetery, Loup, Nebraska.