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Clarence Jacob Hoobler 1888


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Clarence Jacob Hoobler, the youngest of the 13 children of Jacob and Margaret Elmira Smith Hoobler, was born December 10,1888 in Kaw Township, Wabaunsee County, Kansas. He was only a young teenager when his family moved to Nebraska, and he probably had his share of the chores to do on that big ranch. On October 12, 1910, Clarence married Nellie Beals, at Taylor, Nebraska. Two weeks later, his mother died.

By 1918, the move to Texas had begun, and Clarence and Nellie bought farmland there in Hemphill County, near Canadian. His father made his home with them. After retiring from the farm, they moved into Canadian, and were neighbors of his sisters, Myrtie and Mabel. They celebrated their Golden Wedding on Sunday, August 21, 1960, with a reception in their home, which was attended by many, many friends and relatives. Clarence died October 21, 1963, and was buried in the Canadian cemetery. Nellie Beals Hoobler, born December 22, 1982, died in April 1969.

Because Clarence was 19 years younger than his brother Will, he seemed more like a brother than uncle to Vern. I remember Aunt Nellie as a very sweet, frail lady who wrote often, and exchanged cookie recipes with me. One summer, in the 1920s, Uncle Clarence built a "house-trailer", and in his camper, the family made visits to the brothers and sisters in Nebraska and Kansas.

Their children were:

1. John Jake (Bud) - Cata Cook

        a.     Ann

2. Bessie - Gilbert Powell

        a.     Dan - Emile Watkin

        b.     Dick

3. Caylor (Doc) - Polly William

        a.     Max

        b.     Tom- Lila Holman

4. Arleigh - Mary Lee Strader

        a.     Jimmie - Marjorie Hadley

        b.     Joyce - Homer Thomas, Jr.